Our Projects and Activities
At QUECHUANDES we care very much about the environment and local people. That is why we organise regular projects and activities - at least once a year - that contribute to keep the beautiful mountains that we live in in their pristine original state and give a little help to the poor people that inhabit them. The mountain and its people give so much to us, it is only fair that we give something back!
We are also dedicated to develop the sport of rock climbing in the area, because it has a lot of potential and it is a great activity for youngsters to get involved in, as otherwise they may get into the wrong things. That is why we organise regular bouldering competitions on our indoor wall and at the local guides institute in Shancayan, as well as clean ups, rock trips where everyone is welcome and improvements of climbing sites. We also published the first ever climbing guidebook to Peru!
Here are some of our projects, click to find out more.