On 27th October 2013 QUECHUANDES organised its first ever bouldering competition on its Indoor Bouldering Wall. Events like these are important for the development of the sport as it motivates climbers and introduces new persons to the sport. This event was also organised with the aim of gathering all the climbers from Huaraz to discuss very important issues regarding the development of climbing in the area.
Great prizes were given away to the winners thanks to the support of local businesses Yuraq Janka, Climber Land, Noches de Montaña, Andean Climbing International and Quechuandes. It was also the opportunity to give away prizes to the best cleaners of the Los Olivos site, who did a great job on September 21st and were duly rewarded!
The inscription fees of the 14 participants were used to buy quick links for the Los Olivos site, which make rappelling much safer.