On 24th December 2011 QUECHUANDES organised in cooperation with AGOEMA (Association of Mountain Guides) a clean up project and a chocolatada at Lake Wilcacocha, a small picturesque lake located in the Cordillera Negra that is a popular destination for day hikers.
For some time rubbish was getting worse at Lake Wilcacocha and we felt it was time to do something about it. We spent several hours picking up rubbish in and around the lake, in total some 100 kg of rubbish were collected!
The lake is now clean and the wild ducks that nest there can now swim without bumping into plastic!
The chocolatada, a great Peruvian tradition that involves making hot chocolate and giving it out with Paneton (the Italian cake so beloved by the Peruvians) to children and adults in poor areas, was a great success. As well as the traditional hot chocolate and paneton, toys and clothes were given to the local campesinos.
We had a dance and ate together, while talking to the locals about environmental issues. We are hoping to work together to maintain this beautiful lake clean and pristine for all to enjoy.
A special thanks goes to Peter Kautsky who was very generous and gave us some money that was used for the organisation of this special event.