On 23rd December 2012 QUECHUANDES organised for the second time a chocolatada at Lake Wilcacocha. Like last time we also took the opportunity to do a clean up of the lake. We still picked up some 40 kg of rubbish, but the good news is that it was significantly less than the previous year. This time around the local kids gave us a helping hand, which was much appreciated and it contributed to give awareness to the locals about the environment. With a regular clean up, this beautiful lake will remain in its pristine condition for all to enjoy.
As well as giving out the traditional paneton, hot chocolate, toys and clothes, we organised a few games for the kids, which were great fun! The chocolatada was an even greater success than last year and this thanks to the many people who helped us.
A very special thank you goes once again to Peter Kautsky, who sent us money that greatly helped with the organisation of this wonderful event. We also want to thank Jhon Cuenca for his help before and during the event, without him the games wouldn't have been such a success! More thanks go to Lorene Rozier, Ursina Tschopp & Miguel Ochoa, Diana Rodriguez & Juan, Ida, Ilda & Juanito Lazo, our landlady Nieves Cuaros, Yessica Tatiana Garro and Fabrizzia Torres for their generous donations; to Javier Bautista, Erik Andrade Maldonado, Roberto & Alberto for the efficient cleaning of the lake; to Edgar Ayala, Carlos Baez and Domingo Leiva for making the delicious hot chocolate; to Esperanza Travel for driving us there; and to Fernando Vidal Chauca for coordinating the event with the local people. And one last thanks goes to Leornado Chavez for being such a helper in giving out presents to the children.