Sunday 21st December 2014 QUECHUANDES organised its annual chocalatada, this time in cooperation with the climbing club CAWAY at the climbing site of Inka Waqanqa, which is situated in the Cordillera Negra near Lake Conococha.
The event was better than ever thanks to all the people who participated on the day making sure that the games were as entertaining as ever, all who made donations that allowed the children and adults to have some great Christmas presents, and of course all who took the time to organise the event making sure everything ran smoothly.
The chocolatada of course included giving out paneton, hot chocolate, toys and clothes to the local people, and it seems that we really achieved our goal to reach people in need as most locals didn't seem to have been at a chocolatada before. The event was named a "Climbing Chocolatada" and therefore there was indeed some climbing involved, as Inka Waqanqa is a new rock climbing and bouldering site that can keep any climber happy for days or weeks! We climbed the day before the chocolatada and also after the event, when some local children took part.
It was a fantastic weekend! Thanks to everyone who made this possible!
Special thanks go to Benji, Leonardo and Esteban from the Akilpo Hostel, Lorene Rozier and Gianni + family, Cesar Vicuña, Fabrizzia Torres, Carlos Guerrero, Gladys Jimenez, Graciela Antunez, Cecilia Pacpac, Elizabeth Abat Roque, Yessica Tatiana Garro, Fabiola M. Alzamora, Ronald Limay, Mary Jane, Karina Lingan, Andrea Malca Wong and all the members of the CAWAY club (Jhon Cuenca, Javier Bautista, Juanito Lazo, Rodolfo Oropeza, William Lucero, Marden Josimar Garro Padilla, Tony Manrique Pariamachi, Jeanella León Mejia, Heysen, Malu Espinoza, David Lazo, Marie Timmermans) for their generous donations; Ilda Lazo, Sheyla Robles, and Konny Schmid for their participation in the games; and Sandrelli Padilla Tarazona for coordinating the event with the people from Inka Waqanqa and help with the organization.