Sightseeing Tour: These trips are guided tours lasting a single day. The group is accompanied by a Spanish, French or English speaking guide as required. We travel by private transport (by car or minivan depending on the number of people), with only a limited amount of walking. Sightseeing tours are suitable for all ages, including childre.
Half-day Hike: These short hikes are half-day trips reaching altitudes of less than 4000m. They are ideal for helping with acclimatisation and we recommend that you start your activities with one of these hikes when first arriving in Huaraz.
Day Hike: Day hikes are one-day trips reaching altitudes of more than 4000m and requiring a reasonable amount of fitness and good health. They are ideal for helping with acclimatisation and preparation for longer treks or climbs.
Trekking Adventure: These trips are multi-day treks ranging from easy to challenging. They climb to altitudes of more than 4500m. We offer short treks of 2, 3 or 4 days, as well as longer and more challenging trekking expeditions lasting up to 12 days. We recommend that you spend at least two days in Huaraz before setting off on a trek in order to be well acclimatised.
Mountaineering Expedition: Our multi-day mountaineering expeditions range from entry level to technical mountaineering. The climbs reach altitudes of higher than 5000m. It is essential to be physically fit and well acclimatised before joining any of these expeditions.