The QUECHUANDESoffice is located in the quiet and safe La Soledad neighbourhood at the following address:
995 Jirón Hortensio Santa Gadea
Soledad Alta
Huaraz, Peru

To contact us:
Email: info@quechuandes.com
Call:   David (+51) 943562339
          Marie (+51) 943386147

Skype: mariedragon76
QUECHUANDES is a travel agency based in Huaraz, Peru, that offers a wide range of trips – from small groups to private tailor-made adventures - in the Cordillera Blanca, Negra and Huayhuash, as well as in the rest of Peru.
The agency was founded in 2002 by the brothers David and Walther Lazo. Today the agency is run by David Lazo and his Belgian wife Marie Timmermans. David’s extensive local knowledge and experience of the mountains combined with Marie’s understanding of foreign traveller’s needs guarantees the trip of a lifetime.
Our itineraries are designed to ensure you get the most out of your trip, allowing plenty of time for acclimatisation and to enjoy the great natural beauty of the Peruvian Andes.
We maintain a great relationship with our staff by paying them fairly and only employing those we feel are adequately qualified, knowledgeable and passionate, and are also dedicated to providing you with the very best and safest travel experience.
Our trips offer exceptional value for money, with good quality equipment and vehicles, fully qualified and professional guides, and plenty of delicious and healthy food for you.
At QUECHUANDES we cherish the unspoiled environments that we travel through and we are dedicated to protect them by minimising the impact of our presence. We take all the steps possible to leave the places we visit in their pristine original state. We also strongly recommend that our clients use biodegradable products.
  QUECHUANDES is a Travel & Adventure Agency that organises:
Trekking Adventures
Mountaineering Expeditions
Day Trips
(including sightsseing tours, day hikes, and half day hikes)
Adventure Sports (including rock and ice climbing, rafting, canyoning, skiing, horse riding and mountain biking)
Rock and Ice Climbing Courses
All-inclusive Package Tours
  At QUECHUANDES we also rent equipment:
Sleeping Bags
Sleeping Mats & Thermarest

Gas an MSR Stoves
Plastic Mountain Boots
Ice Axes
Rock Climbing Shoes
Goretex Trousers
Goretex Jackets
Down Jackets
Crash Pads for bouldering
Mountaineering and Rock climbing
  Tecnical Equipment
Head Torches
Trekking Poles
Trekking Shoes
  At QUECHUANDES we also sell:
Maps of the Cordillera Blanca &    Huayhuash (Felipe Diaz)
Topographical Maps of the Cordillera    Blanca & Huayhuash
Gas (Doite - Butane/Propane Mix 230 grs.)
Climbing Chalk
Climbing Tape
Large Photo Prints
Lightweight Food
Chavin Book
Rock Climbing and Bouldering Guidebook
At QUECHUANDES we also have an Indoor Climbing Wall
It costs S/8 for a session with unlimited time.


Climbing Session
(unlimited time

Climbing Shoes Rental

Bag with Climbing Chalk Rental
Maximun 2 people climbing on the wall at one time
Do not step on the mats with shoes or when people are climbing

Do not make extenssive noise
Keep your belongings tidy, we cannot be held responsible for anything that goes missing
Keep the place clean
No smoking allowed