Discovery: Involves only a limited amount of walking at altitudes below 4000m and no particular level of fitness is required. These are our least demanding trips.
Easy: Involves a small amount of trekking at altitudes not above 4500m. A reasonable level of fitness and good health are required.
Moderate: Involves trekking at high altitude (generally below 5000m) for up to 6 hours a day. You will need to be in good health and have a good level of fitness.
Challenging: Involves trekking at high altitude (generally not exceeding 5050m) for up to 8 hours a day, and can last up to two weeks. You will need an excellent level of fitness.
Entry Level Mountaineering: Classed as expeditions because they involve extreme trekking and/or basic mountaineering. They are suitable for first-time mountaineers wishing to take the step from trekking into the world of mountaineering. Experience of trekking at high altitude is highly recommended, but no prior technical mountaineering experience is necessary. Ropes, ice axes and crampons will be used during glacier traverse and steeper sections of ice and snow. Our guides will give instructions to novice climbers.
Intermediate Mountaineering: Highly recommended that participants have prior experience on an entry-level mountaineering expedition. Mountaineers will be expected to carry their own gear and we camp at higher altitudes, so it is essential to bring warm clothes. These expeditions reach altitudes of more than 6000m, it is therefore essential to be well acclimatised. We strongly recommend that participants climb a lower/easier peak before joining this expedition.
Technical Mountaineering: Our most challenging expeditions, which involve steep climbing at high altitude as well as a high degree of technical difficulty. Suitable for experienced mountaineers only. Participants will be expected to carry their own gear and help set up camp. Excellent acclimatisation is essential, so we strongly recommend that participants climb a lower/easier summit before joining this expedition.