Lac Churup
  Durée de l’excursion  1 jour
(8 heures environ)

Type de l‘excursion  Randonnée d’une journée
Degré de difficulté  Moyen
Durée de la randonnée  3 heures pour monter, 2 heures pour descendre
Endroits visités
  Lac Churup

Départ de la randonnée  Pitec
Fin de la randonnée  Llupa
Point culminant
  Lac Churup 4495m

Distance  18km

Lake Churup is situated at an altitude of 4485m to the east of Huaraz at the foot of Mount Churup (5495m). The trail to the lake starts from the village of Llupa, situated only 7 km from Huaraz, past fields and traditional homes of the Quechua people, and leads to Pitec (3850m), the entry point of the Huascaran National Park. From there, a steep trail up a rocky path leads to the lake, past a waterfall and a 40 m rock wall. The glacial lake is a wonderful sight with its turquoise-emerald green waters surrounded by huge granite boulders and the native queñual trees.
Its proximity to Huaraz make this day hike a perfect and inexpensive option for acclimatisation, but please note that the last part involves scrambling over rocks, which may intimidate the less experienced hikers. Take great care when it rains, as the rocks get incredibly slippery. We do not recommend anyone to go hiking there solo, due to the non-straightforward nature of the trail.
Our guides always carry a rope with them to ensure that our clients get up and down the rock wall with ease and security.