Trip duration 1 day (approx. 13 hours)
Trip type day hike
Grading moderate
Places visited Llanganuco Lakes, Lake 69
Highest Point Lake 69 4600m
Distance 14km
Starting Point of Hike Cebollapampa
Finishing Point of Hike Cebollapampa Hike
Duration 5 hours (3 up, 2 down)

Lake 69, with its crystalline azure waters and unparalleled location at the foot of the impressive glacier of Mount Chacraraju (6112m), is undoubtedly one of the most stunning glacial lakes in the Cordillera Blanca.
The hike to this jewel of the Andes, which is located at 4600m above sea level, starts from the beautiful small valley known as Demanda, situated just beyond the Llanganuco Lakes and surrounded by many of the White Range’s highest and most impressive summits. Hikers are rewarded with some of the best views of Mount Chacraraju, Huascaran North (6655m) and South (6768m), Chopicalqui (6354m), Huandoy (6395m), Yanapaccha (5460m) and Pisco (5752m). An extraordinary variety of exotic tropical plants are encountered along the way, and if you are lucky you might spot the rabbit-like viscacha.
This is one of the most rewarding hikes in the region and is ideal for acclimatisation in preparation for a multi-day trek.

We leave Huaraz at 6 am and travel north along the Huaylas valley to the town of Yungay. We then follow the dirt road that leads up to the Huascaran National Park, passing close to the colossal Mount Huascaran, Peru’s highest peak at 6768m. We make a stop en route at a local restaurant for breakfast. Further up the road once we reach the national park, we stop briefly to take photos at the two stunning Llanganuco Lakes. At Cebollapampa, another 15-minute drive away, we start our long hike. At first we walk gently up the picturesque valley surrounded by the giants of the Cordillera Blanca, before starting the long switchback ascent that leads to a small lake. The views are spectacular and so is the vegetation in a small second valley enclosed by numerous impressive snow-capped peaks. A short – but strenuous - final walk uphill brings us to the magnificent Lake 69. In this breathtaking spot, we have lunch by the beautiful clear waters of the lake set below the glowing and pure ice of the Chacraraju glacier. A long descent takes us back to Cebollapampa, where our vehicle is waiting to drive us back to Huaraz. We arrive back in town at around 7 pm.