Trip Duration   4 days
Trip Type   Trekking Adventure
Grading   Moderate
Starting Point of Trek   Pocpa
Finishing Point of Trek   Llamac
Highest Point   Yaucha Pass 4850m
Distance   Approx. 55km

The mini Huayhuash trek allows hikers limited with time or not willing to do the full circuit to see one of the most beautiful parts of the Cordillera Huayhuash. It also offers the chance to those who have already visited the Cordillera Blanca to discover a whole new mountain range. The trek - centred around the magnificent Lake Jahuacocha area, considered to be one the the world’s most beautiful campsites - includes the ascent of several high passes. Although a bit more demanding than the classic Santa Cruz trek, it is suitable for novice hikers, as long as they have a good level of fitness and thorough acclimatisation, as all campsites are above 4000m. Hikers will be rewarded with a series of breathtaking views of glacial lakes and snow-capped peaks.

DAY 1 Drive to Pocpa (3470m), via Chiquian. Trek to Rondoy (4010m).
Approx. 5 hours driving, 5 hours trekking

DAY 2 Trek to Lake Jahuacocha (4060m), via Sambunya Pass (4750m) and Lake Solteracocha (4120m).
Approx. 7 hours trekking

DAY 3 Trek to Yaucha Pass (4850m). Trek back to Jahuacocha Lake (4060m) via Cerro Huacrish (4790m).
Approx. 7 hours trekking

DAY 4 Trek to Llamac (3240m), via Pampa Llamac Pass (4270m). Drive to Huaraz, via Chiquian.
Approx. 5 hours trekking, 5 hours driving

Please note that there are many possible itineraries for the Mini Huayhuash trek, lasting anything from 4 to 7 days, all with different entry and exit points. Some itineraries require a long drive to the trailhead and include overnighting at the Inca site of Huanuco Pampa before getting to the trailhead at Queropalca the following day and starting the trek into the Cordillera Huayhuash.
Have a look at the map below to see the different possibilities: the 4-day itinerary, as described above, is marked in red; the 5-day itinerary is marked in pink; and the 7-day itinerary is marked in yellow.
If you are interested in an itinerary that is different to the 4-day itinerary described above, please contact us, so that we can send you the required itinerary.