Trip Duration   2 days
Trip Type   Mountaineering expedition
Grading   Entry level mountaineering
(suitable for first time climbers)

Starting point of expedition   Llaca base camp
Finishing point of expedition   Llaca base camp
Highest point   Vallunaraju 5686m
Distance   Approx 35km

Mount Vallunaraju’s twin white summits can easily be spotted looming high above the town of Huaraz. Its proximity to the adventure capital of Peru makes it one of the most easily accessible peaks in the Cordillera Blanca. It is also one of the few mountains in the range suitable for first time mountaineers (along with Mount Urus - 5495m, Ishinca - 5530m, and Pisco - 5752m), presenting a steep, but non-technical ascent. And it is an excellent training and acclimatisation peak for mountaineers wishing to move on to higher mountains.
Surrounded by many impressive 6000m+ peaks, including Mount Ranrapalca (6162m), Pucaranra (6156m) and Palcaraju (6274m), Mount Vallunaraju offers splendid views from its summit.

  DAY 1 Drive to Llaca Base Camp (4000m).
Trek to Moraine Camp (4850m)

Approx 2 hours driving, 4 hours trekking

DAY 2 Trek to Vallunaraju glacier (4980m). Ascend to Vallunaraju Summit (5686m). Descend to Llaca Base Camp (4000m). Drive to Huaraz
Approx 15 mins trekking to glacier, 6 hours climbing to summit, 5 hours climbing down to base camp, 2 hours driving