Trip Duration   2 days
Trip Type   Trekking Adventure
Grading   Easy to moderate
Starting point of trek   Portachuelo Pass
Finishing point of trek   Maria Josefa Path
Highest point   Portachuelo Pass 4767m
Distance   Approx 20km

The fantastic 2-day Portachuelo to Lake 69 trek gives inexperienced hikers the chance to discover some of the Cordillera Blanca’s most stunning and famous sights.
Starting from the Portachuelo Pass (4767m), which offers some of the best panoramic views in the range, the trail reveals many of the unique and exotic flora encountered in the Huascaran National Park. The giant icy peaks of the Cordillera Blanca that surround the stunning Llanganuco Valley – including Mount Huascaran North (6655m) and South (6768m), Chopicalqui (6354m), Chacraraju (6112m) and Huandoy (6395m) - are an unforgettable spectacle that can be enjoyed throughout the trek.
From the pass, the trail leads to the small Demanda valley, the gateway to a jewel of the region, Lake 69. The crystalline azure waters of the lake, and its unparalleled location at the foot of the glacier of Mount Chacraraju, are an incredible sight.
During this trek we also have the chance to visit the magnificent Llanganuco Lakes, nestled in a narrow valley between the colossal Mount Huascaran and Huandoy. They are yet another picture-perfect spot, their dazzling turquoise waters surrounded by groves of queñual trees.
From there a delightful downhill trail takes us through an enchanted forest enclosed by soaring granite cliffs, to the end of our incredible journey.
  DAY 1 Drive to Portachuelo Pass (4767m), via Yungay and Llanganuco Lakes (3860m). Trek to Cebollapampa (3890m)
Approx 3 hours driving, 3 hours trekking

DAY 2 Trek to Lake 69 (4550m). Trek to Llanganuco Lakes (3860m). Trek Maria Josefa Path. Drive to Huaraz
Approx 3 hours trekking up to Lake 69, 3 hours trekking down to Llanganuco Lakes, 1 hour trekking down Maria Josefa path, 2 hours driving to Huaraz