Trip Duration   5 days
Trip Type   Mountaineering expedition
Grading   Intermediate level mountaineering
Starting point of expedition   Cruse Chopicalqui
Finishing point of expedition   Cruse Chopicalqui
Highest point   Chopicalqui 6354m
Distance   Approx 50km

Mount Chopicalqui – which reaches a height of 6354m - is the Cordillera Blanca’s fourth highest summit, after Mount Huascaran (6768m), Huandoy (6395m) and Huantsan (6395m).
Despite its high altitude, Chopicalqui offers climbers a fairly straightforward ascent route along its southwest ridge which does not require advanced technical ability. Chopicalqui’s location above the Llanganuco Valley and surrounded by some of the White Range’s most stunning ice-capped peaks, including Mount Huascaran (6768m), Huandoy (6395m), Chacraraju (6112m), Yanapaccha (5460m), Pisco (5752m), Contrahierbas (6036m), Ulta (5875m), Chequiaraju (5286m) and Hualcan (6122m), provides mountaineers with spectacular views both on the way up and from the summit.

DAY 1 Drive to Cruse Chopicalqui (4200m), via Yungay.
Trek to Chopicalqui Base Camp (4350m)

Approx 2.5 hours driving, 1 hour trekking

DAY 2 Trek to Moraine Camp (4840m)
Drive to Huaraz

Approx 6 hours trekking

DAY 3 Trek to Chopicalqui glacier (4950m). Ascend to Chopicalqui High Camp (5300m)
Approx 30 min trekking, 2 hours climbing

DAY 4 Ascend to Chopicalqui Summit (6354m). Descend to Moraine Camp (4840m)
Approx 6 hours climbing to summit, 5 hours climbing down to moraine camp

DAY 5 Trek to Cruse Chopicalqui (4200m). Drive to Huaraz
Approx 5 hours trekking, 2.5 hours driving