Trip Duration   5 days
Trip Type   Mountaineering expedition
Grading   Technical (for experienced climbers only)
Starting point of expedition   Lake Paron
Finishing point of expedition   Lake Paron
Highest point   Artesonraju 6025m
Distance   Approx 60km

Mount Artesonraju is one of the most beautiful ice pyramids in the Cordillera Blanca, but is far less visited than its more famous neighbour, Mount Alpamayo.
Seen from the north, Artesonraju’s elegant pyramid is thought to be the inspiration for the logo of Paramount Studios. And when the mountain was first climbed in 1932, by a German expedition, it was via the north ridge. Today, the most popular climbing route is the steep and snowy southeast face. The ascent to the summit is extremely difficult, presenting a 600m long and 50º steep vertical wall of ice, which requires a high level of technical expertise as well as excellent physical condition.
The climb is only suitable for extremely experienced mountaineers with excellent ice climbing technique. But for those with the necessary skills, an expedition to Artesonraju is a fantastic combination of technical challenge and jaw-dropping scenery. The approach along the shores of the stunning Lake Paron, another jewel of the region, is a highlight in itself.
The tiny summit delivers magnificent plunging views of the Paron Valley where lie the crystalline turquoise waters of Lake Paron, and a breathtaking panorama of icy peaks, including Mount Piramide de Garcilaso, Pisco (5752m), Quitaraju (6036m), Alpamayo (5947m), Chacraraju (6112m), Huandoy (6395m) and the twin peaks of Huascaran (6768m and 6655m).

DAY 1 Drive to Lake Paron (4140m), via Caraz. Trek to Artesonraju Base Camp (4650m)
Approx 5 hours driving, 6 hours trekking

DAY 2 Trek to Artesonraju glacier (4900m). Ascend to Artesonraju High Camp (5350m)
Approx 2 hours trekking, 3 hours climbing

DAY 3 Ascend to Artesonraju Summit (6025m). Descend to Artesonraju High Camp (5350m)
Approx 10 hours climbing up to summit, 6 hours climbing down to high camp

DAY 4 Descend to Artesonraju Base Camp (4650m)
Approx 3 hours climbing down to glacier, 2 hours trekking to base camp

DAY 5 Trek to Lake Paron (4140m). Drive to Huaraz, via Caraz
Approx 6 hours trekking, 5 hours driving